Happy Birthday to the gloriously talented Emma Thompson! (4.15.59)

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Judy Garland vs. Julie Andrews


Poll: Who had (has) the better voice?

I believe that Judy Garland’s artistry was so fine. I mean, when people say: ‘oh, she brought so much of her life to her music’, I don’t really believe that. I believe that she didn’t have to. She just was a moving human being. That was her gift.

Bette Midler on Judy Garland.

Julie Andrews can outcuss anybody, according to Carol Burnett.

I don’t think so, those were just her talking into a tape recorder right? these are actual interviews with the guy who I think was going to help write her book.

RIGHT! I guess I saw something on you tube. Do you have the whole thing?

I want all of these things too x_x the closest thing I have to the autobiography is her interviews with finklehoffe have you heard them?

Are those the ‘Judy Garland speaks’ tapes that were going around years ago?

As a Judy Garland fan, here’s a list of things I want:

  • The (forever) lost Voodoo footage from The Pirate.
  • The lost scenes from A Star Is Born.
  • A bootleg of her concert in Dublin in 1951 where she actually sang ‘A Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow’ in gaelic.
  • The autobiography she made several attempts to write.
  • Every blooper and outtake of every movie she made.

Is that too much to ask?

A writer is a world trapped in a person.

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Send me your twitter names, I want to follow all of you!

I’m Jessykabr.

Today I decided to take the dust off my twitter account and I found out I’m following 858 people I’ve never seen in my life. How does that happen? When I logged out the last time a year ago I was following about 50 people.





I should make a Calie fan blog.


Words and Music (1948)